Asbestos removal and related illnesses that worry us

At some point you must have seen some kind of news report related to the danger of asbestos, and how this mineral can get into a humans lungs and cause severe damage. You might have even seen some kind of advertising by an asbestos removal company. Do you really know what asbestos is and how it can affect you

Asbestos is a form of natural minerals that include chrysotile, crocidolite, tremolite asbestos, amosite, actinolite asbestos, and anthophyllite asbestos. These minerals put together are fire resistant and, because of this quality, they were used in the construction industry for a long time. Although most countries do not use asbestos in construction any longer or choose asbestos removal from the old buildings, some of the developing countries still continue to produce it.

As mentioned above asbestos was used in the construction industry in the mid 1900 to the late 1980s and although it is no longer used, houses and buildings from that era may still continue to have products that used or were made of asbestos. The reason products that were made with asbestos were pulled from the market is because asbestos was found to cause serious lung diseases when people are exposed to the element for long periods of time.

Many people are exposed to small quantities of asbestos in their homes and in their offices, but there are people, especially in the construction industry, manufacturing, shipping industry, who are constantly exposed to it. Working with asbestos is a highly risky endeavor and special procedures need to be taken when dealing with asbestos. That is why when you start a remodeling project and asbestos is found in your house it is best to hire an asbestos specialist. He will decide for or against asbestos removal.

An asbestos contractor is a highly specialized contractor who has to be licensed that is dedicated to working with asbestos. Removing asbestos is not as easy as it might seem. There are special safety precautions that need to be taken, and only someone that has special training in the field should do it.

A licensed asbestos contractor must fill several requirements to get his license. They even has to take a test and prove that they have experience in the field. When an asbestos contractor starts a project; they must request a permit for asbestos removal. The objective of such permits is so that the state can keep track of the asbestos removal and make sure that it is done in a safe and effective manner because the disturbance of asbestos causes the particles to become airborne and the minerals can easily be inhaled. Asbestos is known to cause several kinds of cancer, and other serious respiratory diseases. This is why both the government and the contractors want to keep a tight reign on the asbestos removal and do it in a safe and efficient way.

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